The heart of the Viro horizontal storage tank, our Safe Heat firetube system means our storage tanks are among the safest in the industry. A 6” u-tube is protected by a chamber filled with thermal heating oil. By using this heating medium, the heater tube never comes into contact with the gas phase of the tank, reducing the chances of failure. It also allows for fluids to drop below the heater-level while being trucked out, helping to limit trucking incidents. Scaling and sand deposit hotspots are similarly reduced, further mitigating risk while allowing the tank’s total storage volume to be utilized.

Built to be operator-friendly, our safe heat works with a variety of burner management systems. Gas and burner control is accessed from the ground level, and high-temperature shutoffs help stop fluids from reaching dangerous temperatures for even more safety.


All oil storage tanks will eventually need to be taken out of service for complete desanding. However, thanks to the Viro’s efficient desanding system, our horizontal tanks feature significantly improved service times before requiring maintenance downtime for desanding.

The Viro horizontal tank uses a u-shaped desand rail that takes advantage of the contour of the tank to slurry fluid towards a low-point drain for quick and efficient desanding. Easy access to valves for desanding fluid evacuation is provided by a removable sting door in the containment wall. For heavy sand wells, sting wands can be accommodated for even more effective desanding.

Internal coatings and sour service equipment are also available.

800 & 1,200 BARREL TANKS

Viro tanks have been engineered to maximize safety and efficiency to provide the ultimate lease oil storage containment. With 800 and 1,200 barrel tanks available, we have capacity options for almost any lease. Thanks to the Viro’s safe heat system and unique design, the entire tank volume can be utilized and fluids trucked out to levels below the heater, making transport even more efficient. For maintenance and monitoring, Viro tanks feature simple onsite tie-ins, easy access to valve vaults, and multiple sample points. Our horizontal design also means quick and efficient site cleanup, with a reduced environmental footprint, less contaminated gravel, and no liner disposal.